Suzuki Violin Dice Set - Books 1-2

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6 dice that have all of the Suzuki Violin pieces in Books 1-2.   This is great for review or as a reward when a students completes all of the pieces on the dice.  

Twinkle die has the five variations plus Twinkle Theme.

Book 1 A die: Lightly Row, Song of the Wind, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, O Come Little Children, May Song, Long Long Ago

Book 1 B die: Allegro, Perpetual Motion, Allegretto, Andantino, Etude, Your Choice

Book 1 C die: Minuet 1, Minuet 2, Minuet 3, Happy Farmer, Gossec Gavotte, Your Choice

Book 2 A die: Chorus, Musette, Hunters Chorus, Long Long Ago, Waltz, Bourree

Book 2 B die: Two Grenadiers, Witches Dance, Gavotte from Mignon, Lully Gavotte, Minuet in G, Boccherini Minuet



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